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All clients of the London Hair Clinic will start with an initial consultation where the process of buying and maintaining a hair system is explained in detail. Here we have provided a breakdown of the different appointments and services available from The London Hair Clinic. To book an appointment, visit our Contact Us page.


Consultations are free and hold no obligations; they are just an opportunity to explore the options open to you. We have a qualified trichologist who conducts consultations and is able not only to advise on the various hair loss solutions available, but also help to diagnose hair loss conditions in cases where the condition is not known.

The nature of the hair loss affects which type of hair system and attachment is most suitable for a client (for instance, people who only have partial hair loss can attach hair systems using clips, or wear integrated hair systems, where as full hair loss clients will need hair systems to be bonded), so it is important for us to find out the nature of a person's hair loss, so that we can give the most accurate advice. Both the nature of a client's hair loss and their lifestyle will all be taken into consideration when we advise on the best hair piece, so that any hair system purchased not only suits a person's medical needs, but also the requirements of their daily lives.

The consultation will also cover the aesthetic needs of the client, and advice on the best material to be used (human hair or synthetic hair) can be given. For those clients who consider pre-made hair pieces, there is a library of systems to try, and they can be purchased right away. If a client wants a hair piece that we don’t have in stock, or wishes to order bespoke piece then we take and order. For bespoke clients this is when we measure and take down specifications for the bespoke hair system. A mould will be taken of the scalp to ensure that the bespoke hair system will fit comfortably and securely. The client can also specify the type of human hair they want (we can, of course, take samples to ensure the best match). Any further questions the client has, either about their hair loss or with regards to hair replacement, can be answered by our consultant trichologist.

Hair Piece Fittings:

Fittings are the next stage in purchasing a new hair system. They are conducted by an experienced stylist, who will attach the hair piece to the clients scalp and then cut it to the client’s preference. The stylists will also go through the necessary maintenance instructions, so that clients know how to take care of their hair pieces, ensuring that they get the maximum lifespan out of them. Clients will leave a fitting with a full head of hair, and the knowledge of how to care for their hair systems.

Maintenance appointments:

Once the hair system has been fitted clients will need regular maintenance appointments. As one would go to a hair salon to trim and tidy your hair, so you would come in to The London Hair Clinic to maintain your hair system to the highest standard. These maintenance appointments, often referred to as 're-alignments' or 're-bonds', are necessary to ensure that the hair piece remains comfortable and secure. After many weeks of wear the bonding used to attach the hair piece may weaken, so maintenance appointments are held regularly to ensure that the hair piece is always securely attached to the scalp. Additionally, those with temporary hair loss will find that as hair re-grows beneath the hair piece it can become uncomfortable if left for too long. The hair piece will need to be re-fitted to accomodate the hair beneath. These appointments take place around every six weeks, depending on each person's rate of hair growth (the bonding used to attach the hair pieces is extremely strong and can last more than six weeks). During these appointments the hair system will be removed while the client’s hair is washed and, if needed or desired, cut. The hair system will also be washed.

Regular Hair Styling Appointments:

Clients can book appointments at any time to have their hair piece re-styled. Many people don't want to stick to the same haircut all the time, so these appointments are available with our experienced stylists to have hair cut into a new style or coloured to suit a new preference. These appointments are optional (they aren't necessary for the up-keep of the hair piece), and are simply available so that clients are not restricted to the same style if, (like most people), they change their preference with regards to their hair style often. Having these appointments available means that clients don't have to purchase a new hair piece every time they wish to change their image.

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